Who are you dude?

I’m ZAMBO! Freelance programmer.
Just like you, I pay taxes to the country where I was born. Despite the fact that my country did not give me anything, no education, no support, no medicine for my parents, nothing. But they require taxes and the observance of the rights that are prescribed to the higher world.

My philosophy is this: if my state has not given me anything, then I do not owe it anything either. I don’t care about resentment from copyright holders, I know that big companies get huge money for the development of digital slavery.
At a time when I spent my childhood in the attic, where every time it rained, water dripped from the roof onto my head and I had to turn over to the other side of the bed, no one was interested.

All I have is my personal experience and perseverance, and I don’t owe anyone anything. Bad code needs to be fixed, which is what I do. You can see some of my works on the site, this is all that I myself use every day. Also, most of my cracks are posted in the pirate bay torrent. You can download cracks and repacks torrent from my official site.

The goal of this project is simple, to make money. A lot of people on the forums download all kinds of digital shit and do not even understand what they are risking. It costs me nothing to post my finished products and receive quality reviews and development orders.

I am mainly interested in short-term projects, a maximum of a month of work. For programming questions, write to me and leave your Skype or TOX contacts.
The main thing is a clear understanding of what you want to get as an output.