I offer the following services:

First of all, my main activity and all the work that I’m interested in is repacking & cracks for commercial products.

    1. – Administration, configuration and protection of servers (Dedicated/VPS) based on CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, etc.
    1. – Installation, configuration and optimization of various services (Apache, nginx, MySQL, Postfix, Exim, Dovecot, etc.)
    1. – Installation and configuration of SSL according to the latest security requirements
    1. – Setting up virtualization systems, VPN tunnels, monitoring systems
    1. – Migration of projects and data between servers/vps/vds/hostings
    1. – Smart contracts on solidity (on ethereum and binance smart chain)
    1. – I provide coding services (C# , C, C++, php, python, js, Go)
    1. – Setting up IP telephony systems – asterisk, freeswitch, etc.
    1. – Telegram bot for affiliate programs, call centers, etc.
    1. – Parsers, admin panels, shops, plugins


    1. – Consulting services
    1. – Monthly support

Please note, I am not affiliated with ANYONE who offers to download ADVERTISING SOFTWARE (adaware).

I do not welcome the traffic PPI system out of personal conviction.