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AIMP Player

Release notes
Code Cracked by Zambo

Product details

AIMP is a player that includes many additional modules:
CD-Ripper, Tag Editor, Audio-player, audio converter, audio and data disc burning, etc.
Plays many audio formats including WAV, MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, WMA, UMX without the need for additional codecs.
It has a stylish multilingual interface.

Main functions and features
    Support for a large number of music formats:
    .CDA, .AAC, .AC3, .APE, .DTS, .FLAC, .IT, .MIDI, .MO3, .MOD, .M4A, .M4B,
    .MP1, .MP2, .MP3, .MPC, .MTM, .OFR, .OGG, .OPUS, .RMI, .S3M, .SPX, .TAK,
    .TTA, .UMX, .WAV, .WMA, .WV, .XM, .DSF, .DFF, MKA, AA3, AT3, OMA, .WebM,
    .MPEG-DASH (YouTube)

    Support for markup files (CUE)

    Sound output via
    DirectSound / ASIO / WASAPI / WASAPI Exclusive

    32-bit audio processing
    To achieve the best quality!

    Internet radio
    Listening to radio stations in OGG / WAV / MP3 / AAC / AAC+ formats
    Record radio stations in APE, FLAC, OGG, WAV, WV, WMA and MP3 format
    Lossless recording for MP3 / AAC / AAC+ formats

    Create bookmarks and play queue

    Rating and automatic ratings
    Collection of statistics about listening.
    Automatic calculation of ratings and ratings for listened tracks

    Support for functionality extension modules
    You can add new utilities and extend existing ones

    LastFM Scrobbler

    Customize local and global hotkeys to your liking!

    Multiplayer support
    Are multiple users working on the same computer? No problem!

    Multilingual interface

    Huge functionality and user-friendly interface

    Support for high resolution screens
    The following scales are supported: 125%, 150%, 175%, 200%

    Flexible program settings

    Customizable interface

    Bliss 4K
    Convertible cover in a modern flat style with support for high resolution screens

    Classic cover from AIMP3 comes with the program

    Custom covers
    In our catalog you can find a cover to your liking

    Sound effects

    18 band equalizer and built-in sound effects
    Reverb, Flanger, Chorus, Pitch, Tempo, Echo, Speed, Bass, Gain, Voice Mute

    Volume normalization
    Peak amplitude normalization, Replay Gain

    Track mixing settings
    Fade in/out, cross-mixing, pause between tracks

    Music library

    Music library
    It is an organizer of music files that will allow you to easily organize your music, rate listened songs, keep playback statistics

    Smart playlists
    Support for playlists with automatic synchronization based on the contents of one or more folders, as well as data from the music library with the ability to filter and group data


    Support for multiple playlists
    We listen to one – we work with another

    Flexible display settings
    One-line / two-line data representation per record
    Grouping records by custom template
    Individual display settings for each playlist

    Possibility of blocking from changes

    Smart playlists
    Support for playlists with automatic synchronization based on the contents of one or more folders, as well as data from the music library with the ability to filter and group data

    File search
    Search files across all open playlists

    audio converter

    Multithreaded coding

    Multiple Encoding Modes
    One source – one result / All source – one result (with the ability to generate CUE)

    Support for major formats
    Encoding to APE, MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV, WMA, OPUS, MusePack and WavPack
    Ability to connect third-party encoders

    Audio CD Grabber
    Allows you to import audio data from an Audio CD

    Ability to change the format of the incoming audio stream

    Ability to turn off the computer after the conversion is completed

    Tag Editor

    Support for major tag formats
    ID3v1, ID3v2, APE, Vorbis, WMA, M4A

    Working with a group of files
    Changes can be applied to multiple files at once

    Sort and rename files
    Renaming and sorting files into folders according to a given template

    Transliteration and case change
    Ability to transliterate and change case for a group of files

    Auto-numbering a group of files
    Ability to automatically fill in the field track number / number of tracks for a group of files

    Filling in tags
    Filling tags based on information in file name

    Replay gain
    Calculation of ReplayGain information for a single track / album / group of albums

    Calculation of BPM information for selected tracks


    You can set the start time for playback of the selected track with a smooth increase in volume.
    Support for the ability to wake the computer from sleep mode.

    Turning off the computer
    You can go to sleep with your favorite music by setting the computer to turn off by timer or at the end of the playback queue

My AIMP full crack works correctly and has been personally tested by me. You need not be lazy and follow the simple steps according to the instructions that come with the kit, I tried to describe everything as clear and simple as possible.
This crack is not installed in one click, but I guarantee reliability and quality during operation.

If it fails, please let me know with a description of the problem. I will solve the problem.


Release 5.00
Version changes:

  • AIMP v5.00, build 2344 (11/09/2021)
  • General: Improved performance
  • Bookmarks: the list of bookmarks for the track being played is added to the context menu of the navigation bar
  • Default skin: the ability to turn off the coloring of window frames in the accent color
  • Skin engine: expanded potential
  • Skin engine: improved performance
  • Skin engine: improved compatibility with old skins
  • Fixed: plugins – scheduler – can’t select date in spanish locale
  • Fixed: plugins – scheduler – volume control setting does not work in simplified mode (regression)
  • Fixed: plugins – scheduler – option “wake PC from sleep” does not work in some cases (regression)
  • Fixed: plugins – scheduler – the option “wait for the end of the playing track” shifts the execution time of the task when it is repeated
  • Fixed: plugins – MyClouds – cannot set custom WebDAV server address (regression)
  • Fixed: smart playlists – sort settings are not imported from playlists created in AIMP4
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Installation instructions

  • 1. Download file
  • 2. Read the instructions carefully
  • 3. Follow each item step by step
  • 4. Use with pleasure
  • Donate :)



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