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Adobe Substance 3D Painter
Release notes
Code Cracked by Zambo

Product details

Adobe Substance 3D Painter is a powerful application that allows you to paint 3D model textures in real time.
From advanced brushes to smart materials that automatically adapt to your model, the program has the tools you need to easily texturize 3D objects to your natural hand gestures.
Adobe Substance 3D Painter is widely used in game and film production, as well as in the design, clothing and architecture industries.
This is a 3D texturing application that will come in handy for creative professionals all over the world.

Advantages of the latest version of Adobe Substance 3D Painter:

    Powerful drawing engine

      Draw 3D models with dynamic brushes, projection tools or particles. Painter also supports Photoshop brush sets.

    Smart tools to create artwork

      Use Smart Materials, which adapt to any object and allow you to realistically display surface texture or wear marks.
      Use mask styles that adapt to any shape and paint with powerful, dynamic tools.

    You only pay for what you buy

      Painter’s modern viewport shows all your artistic choices in real time.
      Try complex materials with improved lighting and shadows, making texturing even more creative and painless.
      You can even preview your model in path tracing mode.

    Non-destructive workflow

      Painter records every action and stroke and can be counted at any time. This means you can change the resolution of your project at any time without compromising quality, or even change existing paint strokes.
FAQ: Question: I can’t click the “Continue” button because the contents of the window do not fit in the window itself, and the button is out of view. What to do?
Answer: This occasionally happens on crookedly tuned OS. The keyboard has a TAB key. Click it to the desired menu item.

Question: I have a plug at the initial stage of the installation, not described above. Can you suggest something?
Answer: Try to replace the Set-up.exe file used in the distribution kit with the one downloaded from here.

Question: The installation was not completed due to an incomprehensible error. What to do?
Answer: Familiarize yourself with the decoding of error codes. Also, I recommend to study the installation log. It is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Installers\Install.log. Perhaps here you will get more detailed information about the problem and how to fix it.

Question: If I choose, for example, German during installation, is the program still installed in English? What to do?
Answer: This program came to Adobe from the outside and is not yet sufficiently tailored to the Adobe installer. In particular, the choice of the interface language of the installed application cannot be set independently. The language is selected automatically based on the language of the operating system (if the system language is not supported, then English is selected). However, the program interface language can be changed in the settings menu immediately after installation.

Question: What about medicines for this version of the program?
Answer: A patched Adobe Substance 3D Painter.exe file was released by craftsmen. The cured file is built into the installer by me, so you do not need to do anything special for curing. Just in case, the original file is saved under the name Adobe Substance 3D Painter.exe.bak. To restore the original file, remove the .bak extension from it and replace the existing patched file with it.

Question: When I open the program, I get the error “Adobe Creative Cloud, needed to resolve the problem, is missing or damaged…”. What to do?
Answer: You still have “tails” in your system from previous installations of Adobe Creative Cloud components. They must be removed. To do this, use the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool. As the component to be removed, select All first, and then Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop. After that, reinstall the failed program. Such cleaning with reinstallation will not damage previously installed programs.

Question: Is there any library of 3D materials for Substance 3D products?
Answer: Yes. And not even alone! The official Adobe library is located here and the community library is located here.

My Adobe Substance 3D Painter full crack works correctly and has been personally tested by me. You need not be lazy and follow the simple steps according to the instructions that come with the kit, I tried to describe everything as clear and simple as possible.
This crack is not installed in one click, but I guarantee reliability and quality during operation.

If it fails, please let me know with a description of the problem. I will solve the problem.


Release Date: 2021
List of changes made:

    • – The assembly is based on the offline Adobe installer version, which is not available to the general public.


    • – From the installer, with the exception of the required minimum, the Adobe Desktop Common module is cut out, which is installed by the original installer without fail.


    • – From the installer, the Adobe Creative Cloud module is completely cut out, which is installed by the original installer without fail.


    • – The installer provides a choice of installation path, as well as the ability to run the program immediately after the installation is completed.


    • – Unlocked the ability to install the program on Windows 10 junior versions.


    – Updated Adobe Substance 3D Painter core module to version

Installation instructions

  • 1. Download file
  • 2. Read the instructions carefully
  • 3. Follow each item step by step
  • 4. Use with pleasure
  • Donate :)



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